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What Is The Difference Between Easter Cactus And Christmas Cactus?

A few weeks ago we shared some information on Christmas Cactus. Recently someone asked if Easter cactus and Christmas cactus were the same.The Christmas cactus is – Schlumbergera bridgesi (formerly Zyyocactus truncatus) the Easter cactus, which naturally blooms in the spring time around Easter and sometimes called the spring cactus is Rhipsalidopsis gaetneri or Hatiora gaetneri.
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Use Rope Lighting For Cool Looking Garden Lighting Effects

I saw this image on pinterest and thought is was a cool rope lighting idea. Usually we see rope lighting used outdoors attached to the edge of a deck.How about installing the low voltage lighting around the edge of a garden bed… inexpensive, waterproof and you can connect it to a timer!You’ll see in the lighting is also “protected” by the brick border from weed eaters beating up on the outer coating.
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Sempervivum Calcareum: Growing The Houseleek Plant

Sempervivum calcareum sem-per-VEE-vum, kal-KAR-ee-um is a succulent perennial native to the southern Alps in New Zealand and belongs to the Sempervivum plant genus and Crassulaceae (stonecrop) family.It forms a large rosette of thick green leaves with reddish-purple tips.Common names include:HouseleekOld man and womanRoof houseleekIt’s also known as a hen-and-chicks plant, as it multiplies via offsets formed around the mother plant.
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Coffee Grounds In Compost: What Are The Benefits?

Adding the coffee grounds in compost from your daily cup of java is a wonderful eco-friendly way gardeners can add organic material for building a nutrient-rich compost soil. A compost that also includes yard waste, kitchen and foods scraps like fruits and vegetables as they break down.Adding coffee grounds in compost (coffee compost) is an excellent choice as used coffee is rich in nitrogen.
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